An image of texas chainsaw massacres leatherface
An image of pig masked trick or treaters
An image of the grim reaper
An image of a raven looking at a jack-o-lantern
An image of a ghoulish monster
An image of a hand for the cover of Slaughterhouse-five
An image of a lady in red for the cover of a handmaid's tale
An image of a tea kettle in a boat at sunset for the cover of In the Lake of the Woods
A image of a father and son walking for the cover of The Road
An image of a potato barn at night for the cover of Bluebeard
An image of Admiral Akbar
An image of an Imperial Guard
An image of a lake and clouds at dusk

book illustration

An image for the cover of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Cover image for the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy